Thursday, January 19, 2012

this thursday

we have had the guy here
all week working on my kitchen
we have no kitchen sink,
and we are using the bathroom one!

he promises it will be all hooked
up for the weekend!

i hope so
because right now
it feels as if i am camping!

in the living room i have a
make shift area for prepping food
because he poured my counter tops
and now is wet grinding and
then buffing it smooth
and finally he will finish with a
top coat and then some buffing with wax...

it will be amazing when it is done.

i am starting to get excited to
put things back in the 'new kitchen'

getting a new backsplash too...
soon. :)

we were planning to move right
into the adjoining bathroom
and remodel too,
so hoping the funds hold out
and we are able to do so...

we have been having quite the
weather here in the pacific northwest
in fact today the governor called for
a state of emergency because of

it has been awful and my husband
has to work outside in it since
we own a dairy farm...
making sure pipes don't freeze
and the cows are safe and warm too.

no 'snow days' for him.
kids in the area haven't had
any school all week...
no fun playing in the snow for him
and me?
i am sitting by the fire
trying to stay warm and making
sure when he comes in
he has warm food and hot chocolate
at the ready!

this was taken in my husband's truck
on our way to get groceries...
in the evening after chores were done
yes, it does say 8 degrees
that is COLD!

and of course on monday
he had to help at the church
take down a stage in the children's classrooms
he had about an hour job to do...
and i went along
so he dropped me off
at the 50% sale at the thrift store!!

yes, i had an hour to myself
with everything 50% off...
oh dear...i scored!
so @ 50% off this is what i brought home
and i passed up a couple things that i am now 
kicking myself for leaving...
black booties for $3.00
two cardigans, a red one and an adorable taupe one
both of them for $3.50 each
a black mock turtleneck cashmere sweater $2.50
and then
i bought myself some grey yoga pants $1.50
and my hubs even got a sweatshirt 
for work $2.50

i hope you are all staying warm
and that you have also had a
wonderful week so far!

blessings always,



Theresa said...

I hope it warms up soon so that you can get out and enjoy the outside. We have had a relatively mild winter this year. Hopefully, we will get some rain this summer.

Thoughts for the day said...

Looking forward to your kitchen posts... take care and stay warm.

Thisisme. said...

Eeek! That is COLD!!! Brrrr! Lovely that you found those cheap buys. A new kitchen - how exciting?! It will be worth all the upheaval once it's all finished,I'm sure! Keep warm, and stay shiny!!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

Oh, I'm sending warm, toasty thoughts your way. Wowzers, that is COLD! So glad you heated things up at the thrift store!

Happy seeing beautiful!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So sorry that you are still "camping". Can't wait to see pics of the finished kitchen.

We've been enjoying our snow days. Took the kids sledding this morning and we were the ONLY ones at the school. (On Wed., there were probably 100 people there sledding.)

I've enjoyed a week of staying home with the family ... resting, relaxing, playing games, watching movies.

But ... so sorry for your sweet hubby out in this COLD weather. Brrr ...


Outside Looking In said...

Wow, that is cold! Seems you are getting the winter we were supposed to have but aren't. Strange winter. Nice kitchen re-do and NICE scores at the thrift store!