Monday, January 30, 2012

happy monday~

i hope this finds you having a
wonderful monday so far.

it is the beginning of a new week
a fresh start...
i plan to make the best of
this week
and am taking on a
couple challenges.

one of the challenges
 i am taking on this week is;

joining tomorrow
to make a difference...
i am joining the shine project 
to make a difference tomorrow
in someone's life. :)

We can choose to be affected by the world, or we can choose to affect the world.

Who's ready to make a difference?
Make a CHANGE in someones life, and start off 2012 with some SHINE.
On January 31st, wherever you are, make it a point to do one random act
of kindness for someone else. It can be small, or big, but commit yourself to being the change.

and then lastly

i was challenged by our message
yesterday in church...

that God wants us 
to show his love
our pastor said,
"it is not about YOU. 
you are just the conduit. 
God wants to use your life
to show his love."

every person he brings 
across your path is a chance
to show his love.
that God's love flows through us
and the only way to show 
we love God,
is to love our neighbor...

my challenge?
to show love to others
not just family and friends
but, the grumpy lady in the checkout line?
or someone i may not know?
maybe even a person who has 
been unkind/wronged to me in the past?

it is time,
to be kind and show love.

yes, this will be my challenge...
i want His love to flow thru me
to others!

i am going to shine this week. :)



Sweet Tea said...

SHINE on, my friend.
That's wonderful!

Anna said...

Beautiful! Your posts are always so encouraging and a joy to read. :)

DeanO said...

Great challenges!