Monday, December 19, 2011

tis the season

ribbons and bows-
presents waiting to be wrapped

the family getting together-
making new memories...
sharing laughter.

the thought of
my two little grandsons growing
up and being friends
not just cousins...
fills me with joy and love!

twinkling lights-
on the tree

the warm scent of baking-
fills the air

peace & joy
love & laughter

oh, it is the season-

the season of
letting go of bitterness
& giving forgiveness
for loving...
yes, loving others

i challenge you
to give your smile away-
it is pretty painless
to give a smile
to the neighbor or
the cashier at the store...
who has to work
during this hectic season...
please, give it to friends & family
who may be in need that smile today

showing love with
simple acts of kindness...
yes, tis the season.

be blessed.



jen@ living a full life said...

Your grandsons are adorable, what a blessing!

Sweet Tea said...

Oh, your grandsons are "cute to the core"!!
Beautiful Christmas sentiments.
Merry Christmas, MM!

DeanO said...

Wonderful post - giving a smile can mean so much to somebody who needs that smile.

Janet Beckwith Macy said...

What adorable little boys. Loved your post

Keep on keeping on

Shanda said...

Simple acts of kindness are some of the greatest gifts of all. And, your comment on my blog about understanding the empty spot in my heart with my son gone, was just that! Thank you.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Lovely words.Have a good Christmas and I look forward to following you in 2012.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

I gave some smiles to a cashier at Walmart that looked like she was having a bad day ;-)

Anna said...

Your grandsons are so precious!

This picture and your words reminds me of a pin from Pinterest..."Grandmas a place where cousins come to become best friends."

Love reading your blog. You are always such a source of encouragement. :)

Of One Heart said...

Commenting just to tell you HOW much I adore your updates! Love the picture of your grandkids together on that park bench!