Thursday, December 22, 2011

five things~christmas

this time of year

what comes to mind
when i think of christmas?
these five things, this thursday-
would be a few of my favorites!

1* nativity sets-

i have three that i always have
up for christmas...
after all it is
the birthday of jesus!
the willow tree set my three girls gave to me one christmas
the older set was given to me by my mother in law
when we were first married
and the last little clay set my
best friend
 made me many, many years ago!

2* family and get togethers!

my youngest daughter and
i were talking about all the places
her and i are going to this year
to spend with family...
i counted 5
she counted 7 she has
the boyfriend's family :)

3*  twinkly white lights
our tree standing tall and gorgeous...
along with the fireplace glowing
ahh, yes!

4* games, puzzles, crafts
 and movie matinees

yes, this is something
that has come to be
a tradition!

5* the excitement, joy and wonder
in my 'big kids' and little grands
as they open their gifts
on christmas day...

life is beautiful

if you are local...
i invite you to our candlelight communion service
tomorrow night (friday)
at christ evangelical church-bellingham @ 6:30
my daughter and son in law, aka 'a fine pair of misfits'
will be debuting a original christmas song. :)




Janet Beckwith Macy said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas

Thoughts for the day said...

So interesting, I have the same nativity set on my 'china' cabinet year round, then I have a 'special' big one on our other china cabinet just for Christmas, then I have the original nativity we purchased on our first Christmas as a married couple, then I have three childrens nativity sets and a nativity snow globe. Plus a glass nativity near the snow globe, so I guess the collection is out, we also have white lights on our tree.
Christmas IS for the children isn't it?

Jackie said...

Thanks for following me, as well! Tell your daughter that she picked one hard profession, but it is one that is extremely rewarding. When I graduated from college, my aunt (who is/was also a elem. teacher) gave me a very powerful quote. I will try to find it and get it to you for her after the holidays! My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 20 years ago. She is still cancer free and she set the same goals as you. She wanted to see her four granddaughters (at that time) all get married and have babies. As of last year, she accomplished that goal! COngrats on accomplishing yours, too! Prayers to you and your husband and have a wonderful Christmas with all of your family! :)

DeanO said...

Have a merry Christmas and I love your nativity scenes