Monday, November 14, 2011


on this fourteenth day
i am thankful
for crisp fall leaves beneath my feet

a call from our friends
and an hour later
we are in town 
relaxing with them
at the coffee shop

as we are driving
i look about me,
out the window
the beautiful trees &
all the colors of fall
and am thankful.

it is such a beautiful time
of year
and i am blessed that 
we can enjoy a day
with friends
laughing over coffee
and visiting

when we arrive home
i step out of the car
and into a pile of leaves...
i look down at them and
am struck by how many colors
are in a pile of leaves...

blown and tossed by
the wind
they gather and land-

the sight is so lovely
i grabbed the camera
and quick 
snap a picture,
mainly to remember 
the beauty that was in

may you too find beauty today~


Bethe77 said...

I have been seeing so much beauty in the Fall thsi year! The colour seems so rich. Even with the gray skies above the colour just shines.
Then I too have to grap my camera and capture the beauty as well.Glad you ahd a lvoely time with friends over coffee.

dawn said...

what a wonderful place to find! your words and your spirit fill me up! thank you for reaching out to me and thank you so much for your words of support!

Chantell said...

It is wonderful that you are so aware of all the beauty around you :o)So often we all seem to get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and we forget to truly appreciate the wonder surrounding us...Well, I am guilty of this anyway! I loved the way you wrote this post :o)

shah wharton said...

I love the colours UK now. I really miss that here on Dubai. But even here in the desert this time of year feels so much better. Cooler, kinder, more alluring. I hide from the sun, but even I can enjoy this. And it'; be like this for months. Bliss. X

Anna said...

Good Friends
Cute Boots
Beautiful scenery
and most of all an awesome God...yep, much to be thankful for. :)

songbyrd on the mountain said...

cute boots. wonder where you found them? (love mine, wear them everywhere!!)
I am thankful for friendship like ours. always.