Thursday, September 1, 2011

vintage inspirations~

just the word vintage
brings to mind all
things lovely to me-
my dad bought me this steamer trunk, when i was first married 30+ years ago- he knew i had a love for all things vintage!

this is a juice set from my grandma

this awesome turquoise beetle bug was my hubbies when he was a little guy!

it began as a love affair
with furniture first,
vintage furniture became a slight addiction-
then began all the treasure hunting
for dishes and tea cups...

and a total flat-out obsession for
vintage children's books!!!
i will NEVER ever have enough vintage children's books!
vintage thrifted pencil skirts in plum and grey

and slowly but, surely my love
moved into my ever growing
vintage wardrobe of shoes, skirts and dresses! :)

yes i do have a slight love affair
well maybe more than slight...
bordering on obsession
for ALL things vintage-
the sight of a thrift shop
with shelves full of vintage children's books
well it just makes me smile!

and you? what makes you smile today?
whatever it is, i hope you find
the time today...
to smile and shine your light!


gussy inspiration!


Shauna said...

You are so cute and tiny, all the vintage clothing and shoes would fit you prefectly!

If you ever run across an extra copy of Baby Island, let me know! I have been looking for an original copy for years now!


EmptyNester said...

I'm with you on the vintage! Well, except for some of those 1970s looks. LOL

Thisisme. said...

Hi there. I am so with you on everything vintage - I just love it, and it is so 'in' at the moment! I LOVE that turquoise beetle bug!!

Kim said...

I love vintage too, esp your tea cup! I buy one each year for my daughters birthday. We are building her a collection of memories! There is an antique store just around the corner that is hard to stay out of!

Kim from "StrivingForExcellence"

Faye said...

I love the tea cup & saucer and do I see tiny legs peeking from under that cup?? Too cool!

Kristy said...

LOVE all of it!! I'm a vintage lover too!!

Shawn said...

What makes me smile? You do, my sweet friend!

CraveCute said...

I love vintage! Your things are wonderful! I also have lot's of vintage children's books. Love the illustrations.

Shelly of The Daisy Diarie's! said...

Love Love Love Vintage!
Fabulous Inspiration!
Stopping by from miss Gussy's.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Shelly xo

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I love all things vintage, too! That steamer trunk is beautiful...and I adore vintage books :) This post totally makes me want to go thrifting! Have a great holiday weekend!

Thoughts for the day said...

Oh the vintage books, I went through a phase when my grand daughter was a baby and I was watching her at naptime I would enter into the world of ebay.
I now have 396 vintage childrens books I cataloged all of them with dates and authors, some were from garage sales most were from wonderful ebay sellers. All of them are from 1950's-1960's era with a few earlier and a few later. I love the early reader styles with dick and jane and jack and janet even have th ree little black sambo books and also andy pandy and clarabelle the cow. I purchased two old fashioned cherry wood book cases with glass enclosures so they are all safe and not collecting dust. The doesn't include the doll collection I am not sure what to do with, sold two on ebay would like some more to go. They are early ones in the 50-60's era also. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

I love vintage children's books too! My mom has a whole collection of them for when she has grand babies one day :)

GardenofDaisies said...

I love all your wonderful vintage items. Especially the children's book. (Me too!) And that little VW bug!