Saturday, September 10, 2011

a few randoms

my sister-in-law posted on facebook,
some pictures from the wedding
we attended a few weekends ago

we had a great time and
i wanted to share a few...

the hubs, our youngest daughter and me :)

this one is very special;
my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and hubbie along with me
we were having a bit o' fun:)
this is me, a cousin and then of course my sister-in-law
i am feeling blessed today
as i remember this 
day and all the fun 
we had as a family.
i am also thankful today
for the fact that my middle daughter
lost her adorable pomeranian for over 7 hours 
the other night
she and her husband were distraught-
as soon as she texted me i 
went on craigslist's lost & found,
and saw a picture of 'lovely rita'...
someone had found her!
they were able to get rita that same evening,
all happy and healthy and glad to be home-
i am glad that she was found by a family who cared enough
to take care of her until
my daughter could pick her up
and very thankful for craigslist! :)

it is a gorgeous sunny saturday
i think we might go for a drive today and enjoy the sunshine...
but, right now i am drinking coffee and watching the tributes 
for 911

may you have
a lovely, shiny and blessed day!



EmptyNester said...

Always such a positive visit here! The pictures portray your family gatherings as BIG FUN! Your SIL looks like a hoot! Thanks for sharing!

Thisisme. said...

So glad that someone found Rita, and that she is now reunited with your daughter. Lovely photos of the wedding. How lovely that you still have some sunshine where you are!

Buttercup said...

So glad Rita is home! Thanks for the sharing the wedding pictures. Looks like a great time.