Monday, September 12, 2011

bits and bobs

saturday was a day for
sleeping in,
getting coffee from the drive-thru
and then a long drive to enjoy
the sunshine-
what a great time!
my hubbie and i were able
to visit & go to lunch
and then our favorite bookstore,
where we sat &
drank MORE coffee
read magazines and relaxed...
it was a nice way to spend a saturday!
after getting my drive thru coffee :)

i have had my boot off my
ankle now for almost a week
and it is slow going!
the physical therapy will
hopefully stretch out the
achilles but, right now it is so tight
and i cannot bend it very well
so i have a bit of a limp.
i have to wear an insert in my right shoe
which is a bit difficult with some of my shoes-

it has been nice to wear my skirts
without the boot...let me just tell ya that!
in fact, i bought some adorable
loafer/oxfords and am loving them-
they will be so fun for my fall outfits!

these have a bit of vintage/retro feel to me
which i totally adore!

this was taken yesterday on 9/11/11
this is the front of our house :)

i am hoping that this week
is a blessed one for you-
that you can find some happiness & joy
even in the day to day mundane stuff...
there is always loveliness in life
if you look for it! :)

let's shine & sparkle!



Bethe77 said...

Melody Mae what a lovely weekend you had. Yes boot is off cute shoes! What could a girl want more than that along with a great cup of coffee and the love of her life.
May the Lord bless

Linda O'Connell said...

Glad to hear your boot is off. My husband had achilles surgery a few years ago. No fun. I like yournew shoes, maybe because I have a black pair :)

Terri's Little Haven said...

I love relaxing weekends such as yours sounds. And coffee is always yummy. My sister had to wear a boot on her foot forever when she hurt hers but she's doing better. I hope yours heals fast. Have a lovely day!

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you got your boot off and it will stretch - eventually. sandie

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

sounds like the best saturday ever! sleeping in alone makes it a good saturday, lol. cute shoes!

Katherines Corner said...

Great post, love the photos and those shoes are soo cute. Hugs!

Rachel said...

Wow the new oxfords are so cute and unique!! I don't think I've seen any like that before. Sorry about the boot, sounds like a bummer. Glad you got a break from it! Coffee and books.. amazing combo!! Sounds like a perfect Saturday.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I love the way you spend your time. It always sounds so delicious and refreshing! Adorable pictures, as always. You're just too cute...and so are those shoes!