Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh, dear

i love this quote
it is EXACTLY how i feel
my sister in law, brother in law and nephew
are here from portland or. to go to a cousin's wedding tonight
we were up late last night visiting
and today i am nursing some very BLACK and RICH coffee
trying to knock away the sleepies and cobwebs
so i can be perky for the wedding
well, as perky as one can be with a walking cast on one leg!
no dancing tonight for me at the wedding...oh boo.

yesterday, i went thrifting with my daughter, sis in law and nephew
i found a pair of black pointed pumps and two pencil skirts
one grey and one dark plum-
i plan to wear one of the pencil skirts tonight for the wedding
i will try to take a picture.

it is a lovely sunny day today-
it is saturday and the sun is shining
now that is what i call a lovely day!

may you have a sunny day today
and will you join me in praying for the people living on the
 east coast?



Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Can't wait to see pics of your thrift store finds. I want to see the plumb skirt.

I have a son in Newport, RI, and am certainly thinking of and praying for the people on the East Coast today.

About to make myself a White Chocolate Raspberry Iced Mocha, and think I'll head outside to the sunshine to read a book.

May your weekend be BLESSED.

Laurel :)

Thisisme. said...

Have a lovely time at the wedding. I was in my pyjamas at 7 pm this evening. So comfy! Yes, indeed, prayers for everyone who is likely to be affected by the awful storms. Stay 'shiny' my friend.

songbyrd said...

nursing coffee in my jammies in the cool of the morning, planning to do nothing today and feeling wonderful about that! Too bad you can't tie a roller skate to your booted foot and do a little dancing! yes, pictures please!

Bethe77 said...

Weddings are so wonderful! Do enjoy! Look forward to seeing you in one of your new skirts.
I am gladly praying for those on the east coast. many loved ones over that direction.
Many blessings

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Meody Mae, just reading of your happiness is therapy for me. I love how positive you are!


p.s. We'd love to see the photo of you!

TexaGermaNadian said...

This saying can cover most anything, I love it! haha. Hope you had a great weekend!

Cupcake Couture said...

I might never get out of my PJs if this is an option. Your thrifted find sound lovely. x

Shawn said...

Have been praying for all the people on the East Coast. I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding and can't wait to see the outfit you wore!

ChicnSavvy said...

Hehe this is a fun quote!! Love it! Thanks for sharing, I have never heard it before!!

CraveCute said...

Love the Quote!