Monday, July 25, 2011

life this monday~

not sure if it is allergies or a cold
but, man oh man...
been feeling pretty nasty!

so today,
this monday
i am going to post
some pictures
of our july so far-
we had a 1st birthday celebration-
& had a bit of sparkler fun on the 4th-

went to the local parade with the two grandsons-

 family reunion time at the lake-

vegas get-away with our friends-

yesterday we had a family day 
here in our backyard,
our friends TWIN grandsons
 came to play with our grandsons
and all FOUR boys had a great time together-

after seeing my july in photos
i think this ol' granny needs a nap! LOL

i hope this finds you well and happy.
yesterday, our sermon was all about 
being grateful. having a grateful heart.

our pastor shared this quote
which i totally loved;

let God's promises shine
on your problems    -Corrie Ten Boom

he also shared a story
(paraphrased of course) 
about a baby girl who
clapped for everything,
she would see her mom's face and clap
see her cereal and clap...
they took her to the beach and she clapped
when she saw the waves...
she was always so happy and would clap
when she saw something that made her smile.
someone asked her parents,
"are you worried that she claps for everything?"
and they answered...
"we only worry she will stop"
how awesome and true is this?
i think when we are small
we are so excited and happy over
the smallest of things,
as we get older it seems
it takes more and more 
to make us happy!

i want to have a happy heart
like that little girl-
to clap and smile at the little things
in life and be grateful 
for it ALL!

may you enjoy blessings today
and see good and happiness 
in even the smallest of thing!



Bethe77 said...

Melody Mae so sorry to ehar you are a bit under the weather praying Gods healing touch upon you.
WOW! What a lovely July you have had full fo love and joy to fill the page and Im sure many more pages.
I like you think it maybe a nap time as well.
I love your fullness of all the love and joy with much gratefulness that you ahve shared today and always.
I love the little girl clapping may we all learn this lesson in life to never stop clapping or finding the joy in the little.
Many blessing my friend.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great quote from Corrie. Really needed that today. :)

Love the clapping story. We know a little boy that used to clap and say, "Happy! Happy! Happy!" ... all the time. It was soooo.... cute.

Hope your week is BLESSED, and that you quickly get over the cold crud.


Thisisme. said...

melody mae - I am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather. I pray that you will soon be well and shiny again soon. Like you, I have also been feeling unwell.

kyna... said...

Looks like a fun July so far! I LOVE summer! It's the best isn't it?

Hope you are feeling better!

♡ Kyna

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Cold! Cold! Go away.

Melody, you're magical! You've got Light. That's just lovely.


Hannah J. Holmes said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful month. What a sweet post. I completely agree - I wish we could all be as eager and cheerful about life as children are!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful July you've had. I am clapping right now! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better! Your 4th looks perfect!

PriscilaPetersDecor said...

Family reunion... fun!
Your two grandsons are too cute! Adorable.

The Duty's said...

sorry you don't feel well! great photos though!

jenna duty

Erin Wallace said...

Wow! You have had a full and wonderful July! Hope that you feel better soon. Finally following you back from the blog hop - takes me a bit, but I always get to it!