Thursday, July 21, 2011

home again

home again, home again
jiggety jig!

it is just amazing
what a few days
away from it all
can do-

it seems like
we were gone
so long and it
really was only
three days/two nights!

the roller coaster in the dark
was crazy!
my hubs of course
had to pick the LAST seat
so that we could 'feel' it...oh my goodness~
it was crazy but, so much fun.

we did a lot of sight seeing
and just had a great trip
with our friends-
it really is nice
when you have friends
that both you and your husband
not only get along with but,
actually LIKE! ;)

Fun times...
oh yes indeed.
i am thankful
for the get away with
these sweet friends...
it is the simple things
in life!

this is what i wore wednesday:)
it was so hot there in vegas...
we here in WA are not use
to weather in the 100's...
i loved it but, hubbie thought it was a bit hot! LOL
so the black jumper was actually bought as a maxi that i cut off :)
lace headband, made by me.
 i wore my leopard flats that i thrifted, LOVE them! (can you see my pink ribbon tattoo on my ankle in the last picture?!)

hubbie & i

we didn't buy this shirt but, i couldn't help 
just having fun!
our friends posed too...LOL
caesar's palace is always one of my favorites to walk around, shop and sight-see~

new york, new york casino
they have a cool tribute to 911 
they fly a flag at half-mast
and this quote was on the side of the tribute
i love it!

all in all it was a lovely vacation
although i am ready to go again
anywhere, anytime! :)

i am thankful
and blessed
for the time away
it was truly so much fun!

oh, and for those interested
my step-dad is still in the hospital
but, it sounds like he is improving
so thank you for the prayers!

 i will be asking the daughters 
very soon, if I can post a few 
of their africa pics from their mission trip-
they have some uh.maze.zing pictures!

i hope this finds
you my blog friends
happy& content
i would challenge you
to flash your beautiful smile,
you never know what it might
mean to someone to see your smile~
it might be the only happy thing 
they receive all day! 




Jackie said...

Welcome Home! You are adorable and so obviously in love. I like that A LOT!

Rainbow said...

welcome home!!! Looks like you had a blast Love this blog and thank you for sharing.


Thank you for stopping by :)

Shawn said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I can't see your tattoo but I think that is fantastic!

Shanda said...

I love Vegas. My favorite is always the Billagio fountains! (sp?) Glad you enjoyed yourself...despite the heat!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So glad you had a good time away.

:) :) :)

melody-mae said...

Shawn-Oh bummer, I thought the tattoo would show better. On my camera it showed up! ha. It is a pretty tiny, pink ribbon on my left ankle. :)

thanks to you all, we did have a wonderful time away from home and from reality! lol

Deanna said...

Sweet blessings to you!

Vic said...

WOW! what a wonderful little getaway! looked and sounded so nice! i wanna go now:) i love that t-shirt, so true...LOL really enjoy your fashion shots, keep em' comin! you always look so cute and darling! glad you all had so much fun! now we need just a girlie girl meet up in Vegas:) hint hint!!!

Andy with Words and Pen said...

Who's that 30year old looking lady in black and white dress? She looked so pretty!

oh!It's you..lols

the lovely vacation you had, made you look lovelier..Welcome home!

Smiles from,

Andy at

Eschelle said...

That shirt is soo perfect for Vegas i love it!!

momstheword said...

You look adorable and what a fun vacation you must have had! We just got back from our vacation in June.

You're right about the weather. I'm from WA too (western WA), and what a ridiculous summer we are having.....or NOT having, lol! But I'm not used to that really hot weather either.