Friday, June 3, 2011

oh, hello friday!

i sit here
coffee at my side
hot, steaming, dark & rich
it soothes me with it's heat
going down all warm and toasty
waking this body up
energizing & helping me
to focus on the day...
oh, yes coffee
where would i be without you?
you are my friend!

sure, i go to coffee shops
during the day
to meet friends or hubs
indulging in a mocha or latte
but, that first two cups
in the early morning
when the cobwebs need to
be cleared out,
i turn to my french roast
no cream, no sugar...oh yeah
those pesky cobwebs need to
really be cleaned out! ;)

i am looking forward to
this evening...
to raise money for my
two daughter's mission trip
we are having an old fashion
hymn sing-along followed by
an ice cream sundae social...
all the proceeds from the sale of
the sundaes will go to their mission trip
oh, yes...i am looking forward to it
i mean, singing & ice cream...oh yeah!

this sunday
the three girls and i
will make our way early in the morning
to seattle for our annual
5k walk in the puget sound susan g. komen's
race for the cure
it is always such an emotion filled day-
as i walk with my daughters
i wear the pink survivor shirt
and walk in a blurry sea of pink...
i am thankful to be here years later,
walking as a survivor-
so very much to be thankful for
i am humbled & moved
by the sadness & the loss
i see on some faces in the crowd
and with a deep breath
i am thankful for my blessings

life is good
it truly is a gift-
i am hoping this weekend
you have time to really
enjoy. the. ride!

oh yes, hello friday



Adriana Iris said...

enjoy the weekend the walk and all the good you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I need my morning coffee as well! Couldn't survive the day without it!

Raising money for a mission trip sounds like a awesome event! Wishing you much luck! Hugs~M

songbyrd said...

I'm glad you are here too!! I'll be thinking about you on Sunday, supposed to have some awesome weather this weekend!!! FINALLY! Speaking of coffee.... date soon. We are overdue! love you girlfriend xo

Thoughts for the day said...

Have a great walk and it is truly wonderful to be on the other side as a survivor. I am praying for you.

Alex said...

Wow this post made me want a cup of coffee.. I love coffee too.. nothing like coffee in the morning..

Have a great weekend!


Thisisme. said...

How lovely that you will be doing that walk with your daughters, as a survivor. Well done my dear friend. You of all people know just what a blessing this life is, and we must all make the most of each and every day. Singing and ice-cream - wonderful! Have a shiny weekend my friend.

Bethany said...

My favorite time of day is early morning, with my coffee! Thanks for sharing!

b. lee said...

luv this .. . "that first two cups
in the early morning
when the cobwebs need to
be cleared out" ...

hugs to u & ur sea of pink * more hugs for being a survivor ... & a supporter ;)

Bethe77 said...

I am awarding you a writers award that was specail made for me and I think your writing is amazing . Please go over a dpick up thank you.
Melody your awesome.