Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hello, tuesday

hello, again

i hope you had a
lovely weekend
doing all the things
that make you smile
i hope you were blessed
and reassured how
very special you are

we had a wonderful weekend
my youngest daughter
and my hubs
took me to the movies
we ate lots of wonderful, buttery popcorn
(mmm, popcorn!)
we really enjoyed ourselves!

on sunday after church
the kids came over to the house
and we had a nice lunch &
played games
it was just an all around
wonderful day

my sweet husband
brought me roses,
yep... he is a keeper!
along with the
gorgeous flowers
he bought me a
book that i had been wanting-
'heaven is for real'
i cannot wait to read it
i think it looks and sounds like
an amazing book!

i received cards and a
soft blanket 'throw'
from my girls
yes, i was truly spoiled
and oh, i am so very
thankful for it all!

the girls loved their gift
that the little ones & i made
for them;

i purchased two 8x10 canvases
painted them a dark brown
and then when i babysat
we did handprints for mommy-
on the flip side i took the photo
of the little one making the handrprint
and taped it inside
so they would have a picture
of the little one making it for them!

they loved the gift
and it was easy & fun to make!

i hope you have a
fabulous day today

make it beautiful
by smiling
and shining
YOUR light-




Robyn Burke said...

Sweet gift idea Melody! Glad your weekend was such a beautiful blessing. You will love the book; I just finished reading it! Enjoy this lovely sunshiny day!

Adriana Iris said...

awww i like that idea. glad you had fun this weekend.

EmptyNester said...

Love, love, love that gift idea! I hope I remember it when I finally get some grands!

Glad you had such a wonderful day- your family is such a blessing even to us out here in blogland!

Thisisme. said...

Such a fantastic idea, those handprints. I can imagine how thrilled their mums were!! So pleased you had such a special day, and what a thoughtful hubby you have there! Oh! And I just adore buttery popcorn!!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So glad that your Mother's Day was BLESSED!

You will LOVE "Heaven is for Real". I read it myself, and then used it as a bedtime read-aloud with the whole family. Everyone loved it ... from the 9 year old ... to the 17 year old ... to the 50 year old Papa.

Great presents with the grandkids. I so look forward to grandkid day. But, sadly, none of my married or soon-to-be-married kids live nearby. So sad. Looks like this Grandma will be a travelin' grandma. :)

Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

What a great idea, especially including the pictures of the making of the gifts! Those will be treasured for years to come I am sure :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

Love it! What a great weekend :)