Friday, May 6, 2011

happy friday!

yes, it is friday
just another day in paradise :)
i of course
have that proverbial list
which seems like a mile long
but, somehow sitting with coffee
a book and laptop
seem like such a better idea!

for mother's day
the girls want to go to the tulip fields
about an hour away
which does sound soooo lovely
it is gorgeous there and the photos
oh, sigh...
but, the weather guy says it will
traipsing around in muddy
tulip fields doesn't sound too
fun, although my two yr old
grandson would probably
be pretty happy!

i finished my project
that i made for my girls (mommy day gifts)
they really are cute
and i am for sure going to make myself one 
i just need the

what do you have planned
for this mother's day
do you make the plans
or does someone else?

i am beginning to think
church followed by some pie and coffee sounds
pretty awesome right about now...

if you have any wonderful
ideas, can you share them
with this momma/granny?

this friday
i hope you find something
that just makes you smile
anything no matter how big or small
that just makes you smile
and brings you some joy &  happiness

be shiny,


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I think we may take the kids down to Seattle and visit the aquarium. It's been a few years since we've been there.

Sweet husband is working 6 days per week right now, so Sunday is his only day off. So, it depends on if he is up for the little trip.

I will be missing all 6 of my Big Kids this year for mother's day, as they have all moved out of state and/or out of the county. :(

I've been wondering how those tulip fields are doing in the rain this year.

I'm about to make me a mocha, and I just might pull out a good book, too.

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

We don't really have "plans" for mother's day, and I am oh so happy about that. You know what I'd like? A nap! In silence! Alone! Isn't that awful of me?

Oh, but the exciting news is that my own mother sent me a gift certificate to the day spa down the road. Massage (someday) here I come!!!

Thisisme. said...

We've already had our Mothering Sunday over here in England, so it will be just another weekend for me over here! Weather forecast is not too brilliant either, with lots of rain on its way :( Hope you have a lovely day on Sunday whatever you do.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Oh I love the Tulip fields! They had a great one right by our place in Germany. You can get great flowers and adorable pictures :) Have a great Friday and a great rest of the weekend!

Thoughts for the day said...

I won't be doing anything, typically I don't care for 'hallmark' days... mothers day is every day. But my other reason is 'shingles' which are adult chicken pox. If any of your readers are above age 60 I really challenge you to get a shingles shot it is RX only ... believe me you don't want this in your 'senior years'. I am 56 and it is very painful. So I am laying low... having some wine, and watching my hubby do my errands.

Sally said...

Sorry about your rain forecast. We are so dry but I won't complain about sunny days, cerulean blue skies and warm to hot temps. I'm anticipating a quiet, homemade lunch, maybe not out of my pj's kind of day.

The New June said...

I have very happy childhood memories (mostly fueled by photographs, since I was pretty young) of going to a tulip field with my grandmother :)