Friday, April 1, 2011

an april fool!

today is april fools day
so far no jokes
& pranks, here.

when the kids were little
we use to have fun with
jokes and craziness

but, today
i think will
be just like any other
friday for us...
that is okay by me
i am not much for
pranks and such
unless of course
i am the prankster!!! LOL

how about you
what have you done
if anything for april fools?

it is raining like crazy
today...just nasty
i do not have any
desire to go out in it
but grocery shopping
and coffee are calling my name!:)

so i tried to find
something that was
a bit warmer for this
cold wet weather...
here is what my
day thirteen looks like-

jean skirt (i wear this thing like a pair of trusty jeans!) are from walmart, grey leggings are from aeropostle, converse, the scarf  was thrifted and black jacket is from macy's.

tomorrow will be a crazy, busy and exciting day
i could totally use some prayers for confidence
to share in a large group...
more on that in tomorrow's post.

smile never know what your smile
might mean to someone today!



b. lee said...

I wear leggings & skirts all the time * cute converse!

"smile never know what your smile might mean to someone today!" ~ ~ *LIKE* happy friday!!!

Robyn Burke said...

that's funny!I'm wearing brown leggings and my denim skirt today! I will be there cheering you on tomorrow-- you are going to do GREAT! =D

Eschelle said...

putting tape on the bathroom faucet so it squirts in your face I used to do... I remember when I was little once I put half a shaker of pepper in someones beer can lol!!! oh good ole days were parenting was iffy and you used to get beers out of hte fridge for you parents lol.

EmptyNester said...

Absolutely adorable, as usual! Our youngest has gotten me, Hubs and my mother today...little stinker! LOL

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

No pranks for us today either...which is fine by me. :) You look as adorable as ever. Love your scarf and those converse! And thanks for the smile true!

rebecca said...

Such a cute scarf! I love your outfit.