Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh sunshine, i love you

this saturday
the sun came out to play!
now this is lovely...more than lovely
when you live in the Pacific Northwest
and our sun likes to come out and play
and then hide again for days, weeks on end...
tomorrow will be the first day of spring
can we get a 'WHAHOOOO"
i can hardly stand it
sunshine, flowers, fresh mowed lawns, later evenings
ahh, gotta love it!

the other day my little grandson
was here on the farm
his mommy and i took him
out to sit on the tractor
and visit the cows
pure & simple joys

today we took advantage
of the fickle sunshine
and went into town
and went for a long walk
with our  other daughter and grandson

this was our first long walk
since my hubs' hip surgery
and he did GREAT
we walked to a park
with waterfalls and it was lovely
because we do get so much rain
we get to enjoy beautiful green tress
the park was full of them...
what a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

tomorrow marks my first day of the
30 for 30 remix challenge
i am ready
although the taking pictures
of myself  might prove to be a challenge

i am off, to enjoy a quiet rest of the
evening...a fire in the fireplace
and a recliner are calling my name!


Miss365 said...

I love Spring ! There is nothing like sunshine. One of God's best ideas ;)

And your grandson is gorgeous :)


Amelia@SavoryandSweet said...

What a fun day and a cute grandson!!
It sounds like you enjoyed your sunshine! :)

b. lee said...

"WHAHOOOO" to u :D Happy Spring!!! ur little grand-baby is scrumptious ... luv those baby blues ;)

Shawn Becker said...


I love this time of the year! Happy First Day of spring..ours starts at 5:20 something this evening.

Your Grand baby is too cute for words. He could me a model for Gap.
Are those Guernsey or Jersey cows? I do not know cow breeds but we used to bottle raise Herefords(if I remember right), when we lived in Missouri, then sell them after a year or two. Gosh that was in the late 70's.
Back then, we could go to the dairy barn, down the road, and buy a gallon of milk for 1$. There was a coffee can to put your money in and you went in an got the milk out of the holding tanks. Boy, was that good milk. I would skim the cream and make my butter.
You are one lucky lady to live on a dream!

Have a blessed day,

EmptyNester said...

So glad you got some sunshine and were able to enjoy your family!

Ms. Blasé said...

Wow! You guys live in a virtual paradise!!! Beautiful landscape!!!... made better, of course, by the adorable grandkid :)

Hanna said...

You have a beautiful Family!!! Many blessings to you:)

Whidbey Woman said...

Love that pic of the little one peeking through the bridge!