Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh hello, number seven

oh blessed saturday
a time for snuggling
deep underneath the covers
for lazily savoring that
cup of coffee
for contemplating...
and being happy for


                                                        cardigan(gap) striped tshirt (gap) scarf (local boutique) jeans (kohls)

Keep your face always toward the sunshine-and shadows will fall behind you.
Walt Whitman


all i know is
it is saturday-
and mr. sun
decided to show his
how lovely is that?

i plan to spend time
outside soaking
up some of this vitamin D
i so crave...
what do you have in store for today?
may it be a happy day, filled with
sunshine and laughter!



Ashley said...

Very cute outfit! Enjoy your Saturday! :)

Shawn Becker said...

I just got home from a 5 mile run..Did pretty good. Mr. Sun is definitely shinning his beautiful face here. Even though it was a little chilly when I started out, by the time I finished it was perfect weather!
Hubby is at a car auction so I have the day to myself..think I will read a book.

Deanna said...

You look great!!!!!
May you have a sunshinny day and pleasant week-end.

Our skies are grey today and I'm counting my blessings. Wonderful day!

God Bless,

EmptyNester said...

Wow! Girl you look 25 in that picture!

Your comments are up at my blog--I was moderating for awhile because of anonymous comments but have least until they show up again!

Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Happy Saturday to you! Another adorable outfit. Wish I could say the sun showed its face here, but alas, a rainy, dreary day :(

Lorie said...

It's pouring down rain here with flash flooding-But I don't care -I have two babygirls and a movie -oatmeal cookies in the oven-pot of chicken spaghetti on the stove. Have a blessed weekend you cute little teenager looking thing!

Janet Ellis said...

Oh my gosh, cute outfit...and so your color. The sun is shining here, like it does 340 days a year :-) Rick and I enjoyed breakfast out with friends, then a reservation at the shooting range, and now we are on our way out to the annual Salsa Festival (the condiment, not the dance :-)...I'm loving this 30 in 30 series. Cute waredrobe! ~Blessings, Janet

Ms. Blasé said...

Purple!... My favorite color!!! And you wear it so well!