Thursday, March 24, 2011

oh baby, day five

i do not
want to jinxed it-
mr. sun has shown
his pretty little face
for three days now
is spring really here?
i hold my breath
hoping he will stay
just to visit
& play
for a while-
unveiling smiles
and uplifting our
oh  baby, day five
my baby grandson comes
to play today
i will be crawling around, playing
i debated in what to wear
because my 'granny days'
usually consist of yoga pants
slippers and tank tops;
i put on this outfit
took the picture
drank a cup of coffee (or maybe two or three)
and decided
to take the outfit off
and get back into the yoga wear
for crawling around ...
i am going to the
big  town of seattle
so i took the outfit off,
that way i can re-wear
one or all of the items
if need be!

here is what the beginning
of my day five looked like;

blue cardi (target) red polka dot top (thrifted) jeans...old? gold leaf necklace a gift from mom-in-law years ago!

what does your thursday look like?
i look forward
to getting in lots
of snuggle time with
big blue-eyed blonde cutie pie...
oh sigh
doesn't get much better,
mr. sun is shining too!!!!

be blessed today,


kelly said...

I love your comfortable style! (And I don't blame you for changing into the yoga pants for crawling around) Enjoy your day!

Lorie said...

You have got to be one of the cutest young little grandmas I have ever seen. Hope the sun stays shining in your neck of the woods for you!!!
Have a blessed day!

Betsy said...

Look how adorable you are! :)

We had 2 days of spring and now it's gone. ha.

Shawn Becker said...

Your young style is so refreshing. I love your blouse and sweater, you look way too young to be a Granny!

EmptyNester said...

If you want, I'll share some of this 80 degree weather with you! It's HOT here- this is day 3 of having the air conditioning on for us!

Ms. Blasé said...

Hey, sweets :)

Mentioned you on my blog today! Hope you pop by to see it!


b. lee said...

so pretty * * sweet red polka dot tee * & the leaf necklace brings it all together ~ ~ ~

Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

I love that polka dot tee! And my Friday style is yoga pants and tank tops...nothing more comfortable in this world! Great blog...I'll be following :)