Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh sunshine

I woke this morning to sunshine
peeking through our windows
I opened the blinds to let
it shine through
how wonderful the sunshine feels
it warms the soul and shines and fills
all those cracks
how can you not smile when the sun is shining?

the rain has been getting to me
I have been having an itch to change it up a bit
around the house
it seems so dark here
most of the decor is the 'country living' kind of colors
from years ago
golds, greens, reds...
and I am so over it
I am ready to change it up a bit
but every time I think about painting the rooms to
brighten up, I am overwhelmed by the work
involved in doing so!
I need to just go buy the paint and DO IT...

any suggestions on a paint color?
if you have done a change like this lately
are you happy about your choice?
I am leaning towards a light silver grey or white
my room now is a mossy green so it will be
a huge change
I can tell you that!

I will take before and after pictures to share when
it actually gets done...of course I haven't even
purchased the paint! ;)
so it could be awhile before anything happens!

I hope the sun is shining in your world today
it is a beautiful day
life is good
be blessed!


Jessica said...

The sun just began to peek through the clouds here! Painting is never fun but the end result is always wonderful! Definitely post before/after pics so we can see how it turns out! :-)
Much Love,

Janet Ellis said...

It is a beautiful, if chilly day here in the southwest. I'm counting blessings for sure as it was below zero back at our place in New York! :-)

A few years ago my husband was getting bids to paint the outside of our house and the contractor gave him a bid to do the inside as well. I had been contemplating...and procrastinating painting the inside because I am just so incredibly not confident in my decorating abilities. Well, I had been procrastinating for eight years...and talking about it as long. Hubs got the estimate on Saturday and said, "You've got until Tuesday to pick out colors. Here are the color books :-)." Really? If I couldn't do it in EIGHT years, how on earth was I going to do it in the next four days??? Unbelievably I did it...and it's been five years and I am still in love with all the colors. It goes like this: Travertine throughout the house...that's a sort of beige. Then I had 2 smaller accent walls in the rec room painted a dark chocolate. 2 accent walls in the kitchen are Sedona Red, the guest room has a sort of Southwest Aqua accent wall, my office has a stone washed denim accent wall, and the master bath is a sagey spa green. I know~huh. It sounds like a kaleidoscope mess doesn't it. The accent walls are small and for the most part mostly cabinets, bookcase and window walls and so really breaks up the color. I am one of the most classic loving people you'll meet, so this was a stretch, but it really is well done and I am so happy to have stepped out and followed my heart. I am happy to be in every room in the house, and there is really a fluidity to the color scheme. I don't know how I managed to pull it off. Well, of course I do...It's a God thing :-) Good luck, and don't be afraid to go for it! ~Blessings, Janet

Jessica said...

I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can go to my blog for the details!
Much Love,

Jill said...

We are in the midst of an ice storm. Your photo is a glimpse of brightness!

I love all the color palettes available these days but what I love more is the CLEAN, FRESHNESS of ANY new coat of paint! Aaaaaaahhhh.

Deanna said...

The sun is shining in my smile!
Outside it is snowing, coooollllddd and icy here in Kansas.

Enjoying staying in the house warm and toasty.

God bless,

Privet and Holly said...

Yay for sunshine....
Yay for great surgery
Yay for birthdays ~
{happy, happy!}
Yay for loving families
that support one another
{thinking of Cash}
and Yay for new paint!
It's a Wednesday in
February, so I say,
why not celebrate all
these wonderful little
things : )
xx Suzanne
PS: I'm also in the
reds, greens, yellows
camp....Thinking of
getting a bit wild
and throwing in some
willow green {think
yellow-ish pale green}
or a pale sky blue!!

Vic said...

i'm a green kinda gal so i love the light green colors! i love the warmth of the sunshine too...it certainly puts smiles on muh face! can't wait for spring and the turtles to start popping back out! xoxo