Friday, February 18, 2011

*oh, hello friday*

yes it is friday once again
the sun is shining today!
it is crisp & cold here but, it is amazing
what the sun shining through the windows
can do for you!
photo by melody

it is a long weekend.
a three day weekend for most people
i have been sitting here on my laptop
googling places for a quick little overnight getaway
for the hubs & i...
tues is our anniversary and i was hoping to find
a little get away for us
it is a bit hard right now since he is still
recovering from his hip surgery and walking a lot, can be and is taxing...
so thinking i might have to do a movie/dinner date for our anniversary
and then do a getaway 'raincheck' for later, when the hubs can actually get out and walk and really enjoy himself.

what do you have planned for the wonderful anything? whatever you do, no matter how small...make it lovely!

oh, how i love you friday...and you my three day weekend...sigh...swoon...i so love you!

enjoy each and every day. make it joyous. make it beautiful. make it lovely.
photo by: melody


Priscila Peters said...

Happy Anniversary to you!
Enjoy yuor weekend!

EmptyNester said...

Such a sweet, uplifting post! Hubs and I had a lovely, easy three day weekend planned with bird watching and photographing and watching DD4's college ultimate frisbee tournament (we're the parents who bring them bottled water and fruit and bagels, and peanut butter and string cheese, etc..) And those darn people Hubs works for had the nerve to make them work late tonight and all day tomorrow. Sure, the money is great. But WTH?! We were going to have such fun! sigh...

Anyway, have a marvelous weekend and Happy Anniversary!!!

b. lee said...

happy 3 day weekend! & almost anniversary ... my little turkeys are having a dance party as I type ... waiting for daddy to arrive home & my sisters to head over for dinner * *

ps. beaut' pics! It's crazy that I have a "daisy" photo almost identical to urs that I took 5 or 6 yrs ago ... will have to add to one of my posts soon :)

Traci Michele said...

We don't have much planned but that is a good thing :-)

Thanks for being an encouragment!

Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

Shawn Becker said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I love Fridays! There is nothing better than being at work, knowing I have a three day weekend ahead of me! I hope you have a great weekend.

Thoughts for the day said...

I am thinking the same thing my hubby wants a get away but he is recovering from shoulder surgery. Um... we need to wait.
We will find something comfortable in a few months. I am not a fan of motels so we might find a condo or a 'newer' motel room.
I just don't like them. Maybe a bed and breakfast place.

Jeri Lynne said...

Saw you at the Joyful Moments blog hop, and I love your phone booth picture! I think that must have been a great moment of joy; it's all over your face!!!

You are right, Fridays are such a true source of joy. I hope you have a terrific weekend!

Bree, Home of Blogmania said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! I think your family is beautiful...and your overflowing joy!
Enjoy your extended weekend, although that seems to go without saying :)

jillconyers said...

I know what you mean about what a little bit of sunshine can do.

Happy anniversary!

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

Today we woke to snow, and now have sunshine...your post added what little sunshine was missing in my day. I am looking forward to seeing flowers in the garden again!

Cheers said...

Following you now from Weekend Wanderer. I also love Fridays. They're very special in our family for the following reasons: my husband and I got married on a Friday and both of our sons were born on Fridays. So Fridays are very special for us! Have a great 3-day weekend and Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That was nice, Melody-Mae. Sorry to hear you'll be taking a raincheck, but at least you have something to look forward to!

My weekend plans? Well, I think you just read them. Not very glamorous or exciting business going on here in Maine. Have a fantastic weekend!

AMY said...

Love your blog! Happy Weekend!
I'm your #100 follower.....YAY!

Amy's Life @

LindyLouMac said...

Not a BH for us, what is it celebrating? Also congratulations on your 100 followers, love the list you wrote in the next post.

~Lisa said...

Happy anniversary! :) Hope you still go do something fun. We were able to get away Friday and Saturday just to a little town up north from where we live. Simple but sweet! Happy weekend!

TriGirl said...

Found you on Weekend Wander. Your background is so pretty! I am so happy it is a long weekend as i am truly enjoying my sunday evening, knowing that tomorrow is another play day!