Tuesday, February 22, 2011

# 31 for us

31 years ago today
i married a wonderful boy man
who has been an amazing husband

turns out he was a loving & caring daddy
and now oh my, he is such a sweet gramps...
how does a girl get that lucky?

we were married on my dad's birthday

today although i celebrate our wonderful day together
all the wonderful memories we have shared
the fun, the love...excitement...
wouldn't trade one second of it!

how lucky and thankful i am that
we still love each other
a true friendship...
oh how very thankful i am!

but, and yes there is a but,
there is a small little wound
deep down, there in the dark
where no one else can see
a small wound, i am sure will
never really go away
i remember the day we were married
i told my dad that it was an honor to marry
on his day and that i would never forget his birthday
and i was happy to share my wedding day
on his birthday...
little did i know that years later
it would be a sweet reminder for me
to never ever forget him

it is bittersweet
although dad has been gone
for 20 years now
he is gone but will never be forgotten

now...off to enjoy the wonderful day
with my sweet, loving and handsome hubs!
lunch is on the agenda... maybe a movie...
and a drive either to mt. baker
or possibly to the ocean to listen & watch the waves
we haven't decided...
this is one of the perks of living
where we live in the pacific northwest
mountains for skiing and ocean all within an hour of each other!!

may you have a wonderful day
may you take the time today
to tell the ones you love
that you love them!

31 years...how can that be? when in the world did
we get old enough to be married that long? LOL



b. lee said...

happy sweet-sweet 31 years * enjoy xo

Deanna said...

A huge congrats to you and your hubby.
This is wonderful.
God bless,

Tricia said...

HaPpy hApPy AnNiVerSarY to you both! It's amazing how fast time flies. It's a beautiful blessing that you can share those memories together!


Monica said...

Happy Anniversary. The picture was a great addition!

Jill said...

LOVE the photo!
I often think that too...WHERE did all the time go because I still THINK I am 28!

Happy Anniversary!

Shawn Becker said...

Happy Anniversary toooooooooo You!
I loved the sweet picture of the georgeous couple!

Frenchy said...

Happy Anniversary !
You are a lucky woman !
XOXO from me.

LindyLouMac said...

Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you are having a special day together with lots of memories.

Robyn Burke said...

Well, of course, you were nothing but a mere child when you married, which explains why you have not aged a day from this beautiful sweet picture my friend!
Happy Anniversary~~ have a wonderful romantic day (I take it you planned it-- lol) And know too, that I am sending up a prayer for you, a prayer of comfort for the memories you have of your dad. hugs.xo

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats you two
sweet KIDS!!
How old were you
when you got married,
for Pete's sake?
You don't look nearly
old enough to be
married for 31 years.
14 is really too young
to get married ~ hee hee!
xx Suzanne

Java said...

Awww Melody-Mae this is so sweet!!! Congrats!!

I'm not sure if you saw my update or not but I am still going to be hosting Meet Me On Monday and Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Thanks for being such a good friend!!!

Have a great day!

gee said...

oh how wonderful!!! <3
happy 31 years together..
my parents just celebrated their 30th in December..
the husband and i are only at 2 years.. :P
hope your day is absolulty wonderful and full of love.

Ms. Blasé said...

This is amazing! Thanks for generously providing your readers with warm-fuzzies :)