Monday, January 24, 2011

*here i wait*

the alarm screamed at me this lovely morning at 3 am
but, i hadn't really slept much last night...
we had to be in seattle by 5:40 am and it is over a 2 hour drive!

i am in a waiting room in seattle, wa
waiting for my husband to come out of surgery
he is having hip surgery this morning

the last few times i have been to a hospital awaiting surgery
it was for me...i am not sure if i like being the one waiting or
being the one operated on...sitting here alone in a cold waiting room
drinking awful coffee, waiting...yes, here i wait.

it is rainy and cold here today
in a city known for their starbucks
i should be able to find a decent cup of coffee
but i do not want to leave until he is in his recovery room

i packed my bags, i will be staying here with him
the hospital has private rooms with cots
so i packed...fruit, chips, pretzels, books, laptop
but how can i read right now...
my mind keeps stopping mid-sentence so i can pray
for my husbands safety, a successful surgery and that God would
guide the surgeon's hands.

will you join me? praying for my hubbie?
as i await the dr. to call my name and tell me all went great...
i ask for and covet your prayers.

i have faith
i know God has a plan
and i know that all things work for good.
romans 8:28
i can do all things through christ who strengthens me
philippians 4:13



Jill said...

OH Melody I am praying right now. May God grant you the peace you need and QUICK healing for your wonderful husband.
With love,

LindyLouMac said...

Thinking of you

kelly said...

Hoping you both are doing well this evening. Wishing hubby a quick recovery!

Robyn Burke said...

Was praying this morning on my drive to work right after I got your text. And so thankful to get your 2nd text later that day that all had gone well. Will continue to pray for his recovery AND for a decent cup of coffee for you my dear friend!! hugs~~~