Monday, December 27, 2010

just lovely

Christmas came and went.
We had a lovely time...
family getting together
visiting, eating, gifts
it was all good!
My hubbie & I were
 blessed to be able
to spend it with all our kids & grandkids...
truly blessed-

Now today, I had a reunion of sorts...
friends from school...yes very long ago
but, we still get together at least once a year
and sometimes more often.
This time it was over breakfast,
we had such a lovely time
catching up and laughing...
yes it was lovely.

looking forward to another
get together sometime in January!! Whoohoo!

yes that would be me in the glasses...
I love how it doesn't matter how long it has been, we always seem to have a great time. We have been friends since grade school...
so many stories we could tell!


Robyn Burke said...

you all look so beautiful and SO YOUNG!!!

EmptyNester said...

Not so sure I'd want to share my youthful experiences! LOL I agree with Robyn--a very youthful group!