Monday, November 1, 2010

legacy-thankful #1

my younger brother, myself and Grandma. On one of our last road trips to visit her..
The first of November already? Where did October go?
Life just spins and spins and goes on without slowing down! It is all good but, sometimes it goes by so fast we need to stop and remember.
The end of October was my Grandma's birthday. She passed away last year and so her birthday came and went this time without me sending her the birthday card/flowers that always marked her special day. Today as I sit here, in the quiet of my home...the fireplace is going... all is quiet and still, except the spinning of my laundry in the next room. As I sit here in the stillness, I am able to slow down and remember a very special person. Someone who loved me more than words could ever say. My cheerleader, supporter, someone who cared not only about me but, about my whole family. She loved my husband and my girls with such a deep love. Her little face would light up when we talked about them. She was someone I could always turn to when I needed to feel uplifted. Even as I became a wife and mother, I could always count on her to lift me up with her love and faithfulness. Her pride in me and in our whole family was amazing. Her love for all her children and grandchildren was immeasurable.

When were growing up we moved a lot and she lived in a different state than we did, but we always got to see her once a year...she would get on a plane and fly to visit us for a few weeks in the summer. Oh how we looked forward to it!

The legacy she past on to me is one I treasure.
The love of family! Oh my how she loved us all!!

The love and strong faith in our God.
Her faith never wavered even when she lost two of her three children to cancer.

I have her middle name. I have her green eyes. I think I have a bit of her stubbornness. :)
She taught me so much about love and how to live my life...
What a legacy.

May I  never forget
but embrace where I came from
I am forever thankful to
have had you in my life
to call Grandma

I lift my eyes today
because I know she is there with our heavenly Father
and along with my Dad
she is looking down on my family...smiling and loving us all.

Happy birthday, Gram. I will always love you.



Shawn Becker said...

What a wonderful tribute to you Gram! Enjoy your memories and know that she Is smiling down on you and your family!

EmptyNester said...

Very sweet post!

Welcome to Beach Vintage said...

Where did October go? Where did the year go? It will be Christmas before we know it.

Thoughts for the day said...

That was a very nice writing about a wonderful grandma. blessings to you.

Tricia said...

Oh how I loved this post! It sounds like your grandma was a very special lady! Thank you so much for sharing this. Thank you for joining me this month.


Robyn Burke said...

grandma's... sigh. special ladies indeed and special memories to treasure. I know your grandma is smiling on you Melody Mae!