Sunday, November 28, 2010

family fun

Oh how I enjoy our Sunday afternoons!
All three of our girls and families were here today after church
A great day at church, wonderful gut wrenching sermon and then...
we had our own immediate family here for
turkey dinner topped it off with an awesome pumpkin pie!
What a great time we had...
then as we were finishing it up my two beautiful nieces came to visit us
we wound up visiting, eating MORE and playing all kinds of games on our
big screen tv with our PS3...sweet family time
now as I sit here, one niece is still here
along with my youngest daughter and her boyfriend.
we are putting on a movie...
ahh such fun
I love sundays and family and put the two together makes
it that much better!!!

hoping you enjoyed your Sunday too!


1 comment:

Robyn Burke said...

I've been 'away' from here for a few days.. playing catch up! Glad you had such a sweet day with your sweet family. hugs!