Friday, September 17, 2010

home again- home again- jiggity-jig

We have now been home from our trip of a lifetime for a few weeks now...for awhile it was hard to even think about trying to post about what we saw and what we did. It seemed unreal then and still does. I have pictures to prove to myself that I was there. I saw so many old buildings, saw historical sites, for instance the Roman Coliseum, Pompeii, Notre Dame, Normandy Beach...we finished our trip with a 7 day cruise...all in all we visited 6 countries: England, Belgium, France, Spain, Monte Carlo & Italy!! The wonder of it all was like I was living in a movie or a dream. :) Before we left on our trip, I found 3 notebooks at Walmart that were .25 because of the back to school sale. I covered these notebooks with material, buttons and put manila envelopes on the inside covers and gave one to my sister in law, one to my daughter and I kept one. My daughter and I would sit in the evening and journal each and every night as to not forget details. There were days when we did so much in one day it was hard to remember it! I kept ticket stubs, pictures, postcards and fun things like this in my manila envelope. Some day when I need a vacation 'fix' I will be able to pull that journal out and relive it!

I am so very thankful for the time we spent in Europe. It was an amazing time, although I am not sure I would want to be gone away that long again. I feel like I missed my whole summer here in WA...all of August which is our nicest weather! August is our time for family picnics and county fairs...I missed these fun-filled family outings, then again I guess I shouldn't complain! LOL ;)

I had an amazing, dream filled time but now I am home again and hauling out my harvest decorating...I love fall...pumpkins, crock-pot chili, warm scented candles...oh yes I love it all!

How about you, what fun things did you do while I was away in August? What did I miss?


Deanna said...

Dear One, How very exciting to have traveled and see the sights.
Hope I can travel to these neat places someday.
I've been to Belarus, France, Germany, Canada, Old Mexico.
I'd like to see Russia, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, and I think the more I think of it...the list would just grow and grow!
God bless,

Heidi said...

I studied abroad in Oxford, England while in college and it was AMAZING! Once my classes were finished I had the opportunity to backpack through France and Italy. Italy completely knocked my socks off and I can't wait to get back one day!