Thursday, July 22, 2010

I want to be TIGGER-

So many times people only look at the things that are not going right in their lives. Maybe it is work, or relationships, that ever elusive promotion or maybe the things you think you 'need' to make life wonderful.

But sometimes, yes sometimes you can sit back and just soak up all the blessings you have been given and just revel in them!

I truly believe there are people who no matter what the circumstances only can look at the bad in everything. A 'negative nelly' if you will...the thing with these kinds of people is what happens to them when something BIG really happens in their lives, a sickness or death or loss of a home? Do they fall apart? I hope not.

I read the story of (the late) Randy Pausch and the Last Lecture. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he talks about not being an 'Eeyore but instead being a Tigger' and I LOVE this! Do we really want to waste our life being negative and be like Eeyore or do we want to look for the good in things, be happy with our lives and be a Tigger?

Things happen, some good and some bad. God does not promise that if we are Christians, we are given a free ride or exempt from anything bad. Things are going to happen.It doesn't matter where you are in life, things are going to happen and how we choose to react to these things is our CHOICE!

Recently I was blessed with my second grandson! Unbelievable! What a blessing, a treasure to be sure! There is nothing like seeing your daughter become a mommy! Wow-
When I was diagnosed the first time with cancer my girls were quite young and I said I was going to fight this cancer and be here to watch my girls graduate from highschool, get married and see grandbabies. I have been blessed to be here, to watch all three graduate from high school, two of them have been married and now those two are mommies. My youngest daughter just finished her 3rd year of college...when I was dx the first time she was a 2nd grader! Life is GOOD! God is GREAT!

I count my blessings and thank God for each and every one of them... a husband who truly loves me, in sickness and in health. My daughters who I love so much and who love me, those precious little grandbabies... my health, I have been cancer free since 2005! (Praise God) I have some wonderful friends and life is so full of wonderful blessings!

We can choose to look at all the bad things ie: cancer or we can choose to be like Tigger and love life and all it has to offer us, to just enjoy it and be thankful everyday! All you have to do is look...blessings are everywhere!

I know what I choose...just call me T. I. double G. E.R!!!
Now I am off to count those blessings and rejoice in the day God has blessed me with!

a few of my favorite blessings: My husband and grandson Jackson playing in our field and my newest little grandson Lane.


inadvertent farmer said...

Congrats on the new late father's name was Lane. My 3rd son's middle name is the same...great name!

Yes it is all a matter of outlook. Life is about choosing to see the good, the blessings, or choose to see the dark clouds in our lives. I also choose the sunnier of the two outlooks.

I'm glad you have survived cancer 2x! My mother survived stage 3 ovarian cancer and my grandmother and 2 of her sisters had breast cancer. I am diligent to be checked but can only do so much...the rest is in the Lord's hands.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...Kim

Alix said...


I wanted to say thank you for stopping by Shadywood Chic and reading about The 'Pair' Tree! This is my favorite time of the year because being able to hear people's stories and see people smile is something that is just so heartwarming! It is amazing to hear that you are a 2 time breast cancer survivor! Your grandson is just too cute for words, and after reading your blog I can tell how much love you have for your family and the time you share together! I am your newest blog follower.

This year has been much difficult than last when it comes to the raising money portion of The 'Pair' Tree BUT I do have to say that the support and love people share for it (Supporting Breast Cancer awareness) has certainly grown!

Much love,

Betsy said...

I talked about this kind of thing all last week on my blog. Good attitude vs. bad, or the glass half full of half empty. It's so important! look at those grandbabies and you should feel really happy! ha.

Robyn Burke said...

Happiness!! Thank you for your TERRRRRIFIC outlook on life my dear friend. love you!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog.I found you on Betsys blog and thought I would visit.Iam a Thyroid cancer survivor for 7 years now.Im a new follower, hope to see you again soon!God Bless!