Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a beautiful Saturday, a beautiful life-

I woke this past Saturday with nothing...no plans, no obligations, nothing! I secretly hoped that I could snatch my husband away for a little hike, maybe some lunch and spend the day...just the two of us.
It started out with a hitch because the dear hubs had other plans...I wasn't too terribly excited about this since I was being stingy and wanted him to myself but, after a while we were free and we discovered this nice little path. At the top of the hill you could see part of the city... and in the distance the Pacific Ocean...it was a beautiful day for a hike, made more special by spending it with my husband, who even posed for a picture with me!

Sometimes it is the small things in life that mean the most...time with someone you care for, I would take that over monetary things any day...
A beautfiul Saturday spent with someone I love makes life...beautiful!


Traci Michele said...

So true and breathtaking pictures! Thank you for your sweet words over at Ordinary Inspirations, it means a lot! :-)

Have a wonderful day.


Candy (Mama Lion) said...

you are so beautiful.