Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what matters

this week has been a week to really look inside myself

a young lady in our community died of an overdose this weekend. i know her parents casually and cannot even begin to imagine their pain. it has been the topic of many, this tragic loss.

what has it really done to me? i have really begun to look around me this week.
what is important? what matters? how fleeting our life here on earth is!

i look around me, sure i LOVE getting new clothes, ohhh yes...new shoes, purses, flowers, gifts...i love to shop and buy wonderful things for my house, for myself and for my family...oh yes i do love these things! but- i look around me at the 'things' i have...is this what matters?

nope, what matters...i mean REALLY matters to me cannot be bought. what matters to me really is...

love is what matters.

the love of my husband, how he really loves me unconditionally the good and the bad. i got lucky. he is truly a good guy. i do love him. my daughters, oh how i love them! with a deep love, that i cannot even begin to explain!!! and yes, i know they love me!! their love for me is shown everyday and in many different ways. my love for my husband and our wonderful family is so strong i cannot even begin to fathom it...my grandson and soon to be new grandchild. i never understood what people meant ,when they said how the love is for a grandchild...oh my love is so powerful and the bond is deep. the thought of my grandchildren growing up friends/cousins makes me smile!
i have a few very close friends, i am truly thankful for. and...oh yes, my relationship with God! seriously if i LOVE my family this deep, this strong, this powerful ...that i can't even begin to explain it, how much more does my God love me? think on that a minute. this all encompassing love i feel here on earth for my family isn't even close to the love that God feels for me, and for you.

when i am gone, when my life is over. do i want people to say, oh her house was so beautiful, she had such amazing clothes or do i want my testimony to be of the love i shared? the love of my family. i would hope that people would be able to stand and say: she was a loving wife, mom, granny and friend. that i showed love to them and they back to me. that i loved and was loved in return. that i loved God. yes, that i truly loved God.

in the end
this is what matters.
may i remember this and show them my love today.


Cupcake Couture said...

Very true and wise words.

Robyn Burke said...

Never fear my dear friend; I have felt your love!