Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Twice now it has happened, a quiet small whisper...
A friend of mine, who is going through a long and hard cancer battle...twice now, I heard her name whispered in my ear.

One day her name just 'popped' into my head and I wondered how she was, but didn't follow through. The very next day, she was on my mind and again, I did nothing.

When it happened the third day in a row I thought, "Okay God, I hear you" and I shot off a simple email telling my friend I was thinking of her and that I hoped all was well.
I then received a long, long email about her thoughts, her fears and feelings and how much she valued my friendship and prayers! I thought to myself, "Wow, Okay God!"

So a few months go by and a small voice whispers this friend's name. This time, I think, "I am listening and hear you, God." So, I proceed to again shoot out a simple two line email, saying basically, "I am thinking of you and pray you are doing well" almost immediately, I receive a full page email! She wrote saying, "How did I know she needed to hear from me?" she proceeded to vent to me... as a fellow cancer survivor, her feelings that really only another survivor can understand and validate. She was in need of someone who had 'been there, done that'! I was so humbled, "God I heard you! I listened to you, I obeyed! I do not know why you keep using me to connect with Bev but, I do hear you!" :)

I was in awe! I emailed her again expressing how humbled and in awe I was, I told her how God truly was whispering her name to me!
I reassured her that I am here for her, that I love her and that I continue to pray for her!

From now on I will try a bit harder to listen and then obey, when God whispers to me!

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